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Moshier_D Drew Moshier, Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science, has been at Chapman University since 1994.  His research interests include real number computation, bitopolopgical spaces and their applications in logic and information theory, and computational linguistics.



Full-time Faculty

Fahy_MMichael Fahy, Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science, is interested in computational methods for generalizing the Ore condition to explore the structure of localizations of non-commutative rings.




Jipsen_PPeter Jipsen, Professor of Mathematics, is an expert on algebraic logic and ordered algebraic structures. He is particularly interested in residuated lattices, including Linear logic algebras, Basic Logic algebras, MV-algebras, lattice-ordered groups and relation algebras, as well as lattices and semilattices with operators in general.



Founding Members

Fred_Dashiell Frederick K. Dashiell, Jr., Ph. D. in Mathematics, Visiting Scholar at UCLA. Dr. Dashiell investigates areas in pointfree topology, lattice theory, topological questions related to computer science, rings of continuous functions, descriptive set theory, and Banach space theory. The interplay between algebra and topology remains a long time theme in his research.



Joanne_Walters-Wayland Joanne Walters-Wayland, Ph. D. in Mathematics. Research interests include frames (locales), σ-frames, Lindelöf frames and other aspect of point-free topology.





External Members

Rick_Ball Rick Ball, Professor of Mathematics, University of Denver

Bernhard_Banaschewski Bernhard Banaschewski, Emeritus McKay Professor of Mathematics, McMaster University, Canada. Current research involves (1) various aspects of pointfree topology including compactification, essestial completion, and rings of real- or integer-valued continuous functions, (2) lattice-ordered groups and rings and their interaction with pointfree topology, and (3) the realation of the Axiom of Choice and the Prime Ideal Theorem to results in these areas. List of publications.

Papiya_Bhattacharjee Papiya Bhattacharjee, Assistant Professor of Mathematics, Penn State Erie, The Behrend College.
Achim_Jung Achim Jung, Professor of Theoretical Computer Science, University of Birmingham, UK. His research interests include domain theory, denotational semantics of programming languages, lambda calculus, topology, cryptography, and Computer Science education.

Ales_Pultr Aleš Pultr, Professor of Mathematics, Charles University, Prague, Czech Republic.


In memory of a Founding Member

Mel Melvin Henriksen, Professor of Mathematics at Harvey Mudd College 1969-2009. Memorial conference.
Mel Henriksen Special Issue of Topology and its Applications.
List of publications.

Separation Axioms

Separation Axioms


Distributinve Lattice

Distributive Lattice Example

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