Compact topological spaces

Abbreviation: KTop


A compact topological space is a topological space $\mathbf{X}=\langle X,\Omega\rangle$ that is

compact: every open cover has a finite subcover, i.e., $\forall\mathcal C\subseteq\Omega(\bigcup\mathcal C=X\Longrightarrow\exists n, \exists C_0,\ldots,C_{n-1}\in\mathcal C(C_0\cup\cdots\cup C_{n-1}=X))$

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Let $\mathbf{X}$ and $\mathbf{Y}$ be compact topological spaces. A morphism from $\mathbf{X}$ to $\mathbf{Y}$ is a function $h:X\rightarrow Y$ that is a continuous: $\forall V\in\Omega_{\mathbf Y}(h^{-1}[Y]\in\Omega_{\mathbf X})$


A is a structure $\mathbf{A}=\langle A,...\rangle$ of type $\langle ...\rangle$ such that

$...$ is …: $axiom$

$...$ is …: $axiom$


Example 1:

Basic results


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Amalgamation property
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Epimorphisms are surjective


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